The Importance of the Right Office Chair

One of the most important pieces of office furniture you can buy is the chair. It may be that your business requires a variety of chairs, from desk chairs to meeting room chairs to waiting room or reception chairs. Each of these types of chair has its own importance and requirements, but by far the most important is the simple desk chair.

The wrong chair can cause serious back, neck, shoulder and posture problems for you and your employees, particularly if you and/or they are sat in that same chair all day or for long periods. This can lead to employees having time off sick, and in fact as many as 5 million days are lost every year due to back pain. This can go much further than employees taking time off, as you could even get sued for causing permanent damage, and all because of the wrong choice of chair!

If your budget can’t stretch too far you may think that it’s impossible to find cheap office furniture that’s also ergonomic. However, the right chair doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, an expensive chair can be equally as bad for you if it doesn’t have the right elements to it. So whether you go for expensive or cheap office furniture, make sure that your chair fits the right specifications for avoiding spinal problems.

The right office chair should be adjustable, particularly if different people will be using it (such as offices which use hot desking), so that workers can each get exactly the right position. Ideal chairs will have adjustable height, back support and arms (if applicable) and will fully support the spine. Different jobs will also require different types of chair, so take this into account when ordering your office furniture as you may need to order a variety.

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