The Importance of Wearing Appropriate Clothing for Beekeeping

Keeping bees with a view to the production of honey continues to grow as a hobby within the United Kingdom as individuals overlook the potential dangers and primarily focus on the continual flow of a sweet, edible substance used upon toast and in baking, in additional to the environmental benefits generated from home-made productions. Although many companies who specialise in the production of honey sold within jars that are found across many retail outlets claim that their honey is sourced from the nectar of bees, the manufacturing process includes chemicals or fuels that emit levels of carbon which is detrimental to the environment. All beekeepers understand the importance of providing suitable beehives constructed in boxes that resemble their natural habitat within honeycomb, but it is their own safety which must be taken into account during beekeeping.

As bees store food in the form of nectar and pollen collected from flowers, in addition to housing a brood which consists of larvae, eggs and pupae, their natural instincts is to become protective of their colony within a beehive to ensure no intruders pose a real danger to their cells. The considerable sting packed within the tail of a bee can cause considerable pain to a human being who requires specialist ointments and creams to alleviate the induced swelling; a number of stings, particularly within weak areas of the body, can lead to particularly discomfort and stress in later life.

This is where the provision of beekeeping suits is of paramount importance to be worn in the vicinity of beehives at all times. Traditional forms of beekeeping suits are available as one-piece outfits that include a suitable net-covered headwear and gloves which are manufactured with no gaps between the fabrics to ensure no bees can enter under a suit and cause a potential threat to sting. As a colony can be further aggravated by the inclusion of smokers which push smoke within a beehive to increase the temperature towards turning nectar into honey during the latter stages of beekeeping, wearing a suit is both recommended and essential to ensure the production of honey is completed without any harm to any individual.

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