Why Dog Owners are Less Stressed

Having a dog can be a great way to combat stress. This is because the company of a canine can provide people with significant benefits:

More exercise
All canines absolutely love going for a walk and won’t give their owners a moment’s rest if they don’t get their regular exercise fixes. In some ways, this can be thought as having a sort of canine personal trainer as owners are made to go out and exercise when they really would rather just sit and relax. Naturally, this means that they will get more exercise than people who are not coerced or badgered into getting off their nice, comfy sofa. As well as providing significant physical health benefits, regular exercise can also help people to de-stress after a trying day.

Lower blood pressure
Although there are plenty of drugs available for lowering blood pressure, few of them are as effective as the constant company of faithful hound. Indeed, when a study was carried out on groups of hypertensive New York stockbrokers, it was found that the stockbrokers who owned dogs had lower blood pressure and heart rates than their canine-free colleagues. Quite simply, the non-judgemental and non-verbal company of a loving pooch can help to pacify even the foulest of moods.

More social interaction
Going out walking with a pet pooch is a bit like going out with a baby – people who would normally just walk pass will instead stop, chat and give some fuss. This can be very beneficial as interacting with others in this way it can help owners to become more sociable and expand their network of friends and acquaintances. Again, this also has great stress management benefits.

And all this is possible for the small price of a few essential dog supplies each week. Not a bad investment, eh?

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