How to Keep a Dog Happy

Due to the bundles of energy they exuberate and their overall happiness around human beings, dogs have established and maintained a position as the leading form of animal that is considered popular to be owned as a pet. From puppies to adult dogs, canines act as perfect companions within the lives of individuals and families and serve as a worthy addition to any environment or household. Although their natural tendencies culminate in dogs becoming lively and excited within any environment, it remains important for owners to ensure their pet remains happy via a number of methods and provisions.

Providing a healthy, balanced diet on a daily basis is arguably the most important form of treatment any owner should provide a dog with to ensure it receives the nutrients and vitamins required to increase or maintain overall strength of muscles and bones, in addition to improving its reactions, joints and cognitive functions. This is particularly essential for puppies that may lack the nutritional intake after being parted from their mother and require adequate dog food due to its fragile nature to ensure they receive the required intake of vitamins and nutrients in order to grow and prosper. Exercise is an equally important component as all dogs contain comprehensive levels of energy and stamina which requires regular walks or ventures outside of the household in order for a puppy or dog to stretch its legs and exert its playful nature. Leads and soft toys are therefore important purchases to ensure owners have the required provisions in order to take a canine for regular ventures outdoors to prevent any problems within the joints or muscles through a lack of exercise.

Soft toys can also be utilised within the household in a safe and controlled manner via training which can be used to establish or improve behavioural instincts of a puppy or dog. Integrating a reward system via treats, which usually come in the form of dry dog food in a chewable bone or bar, also enhances oral health and sharpness of teeth that, combined with a balanced diet and exercise, culminates in a healthy and happy dog in which to cherish and love.

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