PAT Testing Course

What is a PAT testing course? No, not testing little old ladies called Pat on some labyrinthine testing course where you force them to slowly pick each other off until one is declared the winner. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, which as you can guess involves testing portable appliances. Apparently twenty five percent of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. Quite often when you think of accidents involving electric equipment you imagine large cracking transformers spewing sparks and smoke, but this simply isn’t the case. Due to these statistics a number of regulations have been put in place to protect people from the dangers of rogue electrical appliances. Business owners, employers, employees, and the self employed are now legally directly responsible for ensuring that steps are taken to ensure sensible measures are taken in ensuring electrical safety in the use of electrical equipment.


The PAT is required in order to make sure everything is in order in regards to electrical equipment. This involves ensuring no alterations have been made to the equipment, power source, or plug socket, ensuring there are no voltage discrepancies, and that there are no electrical spikes originating from elsewhere that could overload the equipment and potentially cause a hazard. A PAT testing course trains people in the essential knowledge of being able to perform a PAT test on equipment. PAT testing courses are affordable and robust in order to ensure a steady supply of PAT compliant testers that work to the correct standard.


There are a number of firms offering training and providing a PAT testing course to the inexperienced, and because of this there are a few guidelines you need to be aware of before you pick your instructor firm. Always look for the opinions of past customers. Finding out if a firm is any good at teaching goes beyond looking past the hype in their booklet or on their website, so find out firsthand accounts on the quality of the training and the disposition of the staff. Nobody wants to be taught sub-par knowledge by some grumpy mumbling idiot. Also remember to shop around for your PAT testing course, just because someone says their cheap it doesn’t necessarily mean they actually are. has the most instructive and educational PAT testing course modules which are taught by fully qualified experts. Our electrical courses are ideal if you want to become well informed.