A note on the persistence of link farms

Link farms endure and can still get links for a site. The problems with this are traditionally seen to be twofold. Firstly, using a link farm can get a site into severe trouble with search engines on ethical grounds. Secondly, having recourse to a link farm will not achieve high quality relevant links. However, a third difficulty associated with link farms is that they are unlikely to provide links which would be useful in terms of local Search Engine Optimisation.

At SEO Consult, we produce site-specific campaigns frequently crafted to take advantage of local opportunities. We recognise that not every firm has global aspirations and are proficient at acting as proactive local SEO services.

The days of the link farm should be over. The practice of purchasing links has been outlawed for a long time. In addition, successive Google Panda updates have put the emphasis on good quality content. This has clearly undermined link farms. Nevertheless, they have not all shut up shop.

It is much better to attract inbound links by building up site quality and by completing high quality work offsite. If onsite and offsite activity has a local focus, it may well be that the results gradually impress. The best way forward can be to think of a small business as a local brand. If it is unlikely to win large numbers of customers for its products or services at great distance, it is prudent to exploit local markets more thoroughly.

Local SEO is best performed by a consultancy situated in proximity to the company in question. This enables face-to-face discussions. At these meetings, it is possible to join up online and offline branding strategy for example. Consultancies which are located abroad have less local knowledge and in addition, their work may be affected by cultural barriers. It can be of utility to have considerable awareness of the regional culture, while appreciating that regional economic context can help in content production.

Some providers of local optimisation struggle to come to terms with what can be done. They are content in the practice of inserting locally pertinent keywords in content. Some do not seem to care that their content has few genuine local references. In doing so, they do not satisfy users who appreciate unique content with a local flavour. If the content has an authentic local dimension, local keywords read naturally.

Not every user of social media reveals their location. However, many users do just that. On Twitter, many individuals follow their local businesses. If a Twitter campaign can get a business interacting in a local network, this is a positive result. Nevertheless, it is also worth going beyond the confines of the social media.

Google Places is a great utility for local firms and local directories. Even local offline opportunities are worth pursuing. Not every single local customer may be a regular internet user. There are so many strategies worth employing, depending on the nature of the site, that the link farm should not be missed for a second.

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