Install the Traditional Look with Wooden Sash Windows

Although the number of materials used within the construction and foundations of residential properties across the United Kingdom have increased to conform to increasing importance in longevity and environmental protection, traditional buildings were constructed with wood a predominant feature. To this day, traditional households and pubs remain in existence with wooden beams creating a rustic look which offers aesthetical quality due to the colour tones and grains from timbers used. Windows were also constructed within wooden bays, with singular panes of glass placed within the middle of a wood-based frame which could either be painted over or left for its natural appearance. While uPVC has established itself as a modern form of material used within the manufacturing of window frames, homeowners can continue to reap the visual qualities of wooden sash windows.

Although their existence pre-dates back to the Georgian and Victorian era, box sash windows differ from traditional single pane windows as they are manufactured within a panel form whereby a variable number of frames allow glass panes to sit in horizontally or vertically separated from each other. As such windows are constructed with two separate components which are slid into side jambs or weatherstripping, it allows homeowners to receive ventilation from one half of any window area which can be beneficial during the summer months when humidity and temperatures are at their highest. In a similar vein to uPVC, window manufacturers use strong, durable timbers within box sash windows to ensure homeowners receive the visual qualities of the rustic look, in addition to comprehensive protection against adverse weather conditions. Such windows are available in singular and double glazing which provides homeowners with the quality of choice required for their own individualistic tastes and requirements for their property.

While the practicality and function of any window are the most important factors within the choice of windows, either for newly built properties or replacements for current existing households which have become damaged over a period of time, homeowners can still choose wooden sash windows which provide aesthetical traditional qualities within the interior and exterior element of any property.

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