The Best Places for Diamonds

London’s Hatton Garden is famous for its diamonds. However, for anyone from further north, a trip to the capital is not going to be appealing every single time that a new jewellery purchase is required. Whilst this area of London may be more well known for its diamonds than anywhere else in the country, the main reason for this is simply down to the fact that it happens to be located in the capital. In reality, there are many other places in the UK that are equally as good, if not better.

The Birmingham jewellery quarter is one of the most appealing. Whilst many people may not instantly associate Birmingham with an exclusive jewellery quarter, it is actually one of the most respected places for diamonds in the whole world. As such, for anyone in the Midlands or the North that may be looking for classic jewellery, it will be far more appealing than London for more reasons than one.

However, even those in the south can get the most from the Birmingham jewellery quarter. The very best outlets in this area will also have a huge selection of diamonds and diamond jewellery available online too and therefore if you want the finest diamonds, the websites of companies in this exclusive jewellery quarter are likely to be the first place to look.

New York’s 47th Street and Dubai are also known for their diamonds, but Britain has not one but two extremely well respected diamond centres with London and Birmingham both making the top 5 places in the world. Therefore, when looking for diamonds, whilst it may be alluring to look in the most glamorous parts of the world, the very best jewellery is actually likely to be found much closer to home.

So remember, it is not always how glamorous the area is that is important, but instead the jewellery that they sell should be the thing to consider.

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