The value of reputation management

Internet reputation management is a strategy many companies resort to when they find that their company reputation has been attacked by web-based comments or attack. The negative publicity may come in a number of forms such as comments made on pod casts and forums, negative blogs, PR and fake customer reviews. However, using online reputation management at this stage, as a reactive approach, can be of great help and assistance.

An SEO company can offer a comprehensive approach to reputation management, ensuring that you are one step ahead of your critics.

The areas they can address are:
• Setting up monitors for online reputation and reporting
• Reviewing web assets
• Monitoring online conversations

Why do you need online reputation management?

A company can suffer a tarnished reputation and lose the confidence of their customers from negative comments whether false or based on the truth. Given that the internet is largely unregulated, it’s easy for a disgruntled customer or competitor to sully a previously untarnished reputation in a very short space of time. This is where search engine reputation management come into its own.

Companies can put processes in place to systematically remove and push down negative comments by building up the level of positive search results for their company. The bad comments become diluted by the positive ones.

Putting a reputation management strategy in place

Using a SEO agency, a business can develop winning SEO techniques to ensure their positive content ranks well with the search engines. Using these techniques it’s possible to stay in touch with the adapting search engine algorithms and beat any negative listings.

Another important aspect of the internet reputation management strategy is to put monitoring tools in place to track any comments made about the company and its products. One of the simplest is to use Google Alerts. These are useful in that they instantly alert you to any mentions of the company name. This allows you to take positive action immediately.

As most people only view the first page of results, pushing negative comments down the page rankings is not as difficult as it may seem, if you respond quickly. You can create some amazing results by adding positive web content, in the form of websites, articles, press releases, blogs and videos, creating a positive barrier between your company and the negative comments. Getting together a good link building strategy will also help.

It takes time to get the top results

No matter how good your internet reputation management strategy, you will need to invest some time before it begins to reap huge rewards. This can take anything from a few months to one year, if you have a more complex issue with negative publicity. However, by sticking to it you will soon gain great advantages from this approach.

Reputation management is an important element of any SEO strategy and imperative when building a brand or corporate identity on the web. At, we offer a wide range of internet reputation management services ensuring your company and brand are protected.

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