Helping Your Supervisors

On any worksite, it will be important to ensure that there is someone trained to supervise the work that is going on. However, whilst those with good common sense, a thorough knowledge of the work taking place and an ability to work well with others are going to be in the best position to supervise such tasks, these attributes alone are unlikely to be enough to ensure they get the very best job done.

Many companies simply make a member of staff a supervisor and let them get on with it, showing surprise when incidents happen further down the line that really could have been avoided. In reality, however, it is the responsibility of those further up the chain to ensure that those taking on supervisory roles have all the tools at their disposal to be as effective as possible.

The first thing any manager should do when electing a new supervisor is to take them through every aspect of the role and to work with them to ensure that their knowledge of the role is as thorough as possible. However, there are also many specific skills that can be offered through courses that will be equally as important.

One must for all new supervisors is SSSTS training. The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme gives supervisors the ability to understand health and safety in the depth they will require it, but at the same time also help them understand their role more effectively, what is expected of them and why certain tasks must be carried out in the way they are.

Health and safety courses will also allow them to carry out risk assessments and ensure that someone is on site at all times who can understand best practices and make sure that health and safety procedures are always being followed in the right manner.

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