Biz Stone’s Twitter warning

Co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, has declared that using Twitter for hours at a time is not healthy. Twitter currently has 500 million users around the world. They use it in a diversity of ways. The majority of optimisation campaigns need to consider exploiting the mass audiences on Facebook and Twitter. The comment of Biz Stone is of interest, reflecting on the way some users behave. If it influences how some of them behave in the future, it may be of even greater significance.

At, we keep looking at the sphere of search. It changes continually, providing different opportunities and challenges. Social media have grown in importance during the last few years. It is imperative for all consultancies to pay close attention to the complex issues of social media marketing.

Biz Stone has not advocated that Twitter users only use the network on an infrequent basis. As the existing creative director of the organisation, such a position would be a very odd one to take. Instead, Biz Stone has suggested that users go to the site with the purpose of seeking information. Having obtained that information, they can depart from the site to do other things, returning to engage with Twitter on a regular basis.

A social media strategy should attempt to find out how a target audience are using Twitter. Only a segment of a target audience is likely to be on Twitter. Of those who are there, it is worth researching how they are using the network. For example, it is worth noting if they mention they have purchased goods or services online. The duration between their tweets may be of interest. If they use Twitter on a daily basis, this may be useful to know.

The influence of Biz Stone’s comments will be limited for several reasons. Firstly, they were not headline news everywhere so many users may have missed them. Secondly, those about to join the network are unlikely to follow news which relates to it in detail. Thirdly, people’s existing habits are hard to change. It takes a lot to change an occasional user into a regular user. It is even more difficult for a heavy user to visit the site less frequently than they are accustomed to doing. They will have formed relationships with other users. In addition, the format itself arguably gives them a form of validation in terms of follower numbers.

A campaign has to gather plenty of information about the portion of the target audience on a particular network. This data is of assistance in several ways. It permits more effective tweets to be crafted. It allows a site to be improved in line with the interests of the individuals in question. It enables the strengthening of connections between a business and potential consumers. Information about the level of Twitter use of users is only part of the big picture but it can be of considerable utility.

If users are coming on to Twitter and leaving it in the way that Biz Stone has recommended, marketing may have to be more focused than it would if users were lingering in a passive manner.

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