Social media marketing – one of the best ways to support your SEO

By tapping into the ready-made communities on social media networks, you can find an easy way to promote your company and website. However, you need to develop a basic understanding of the techniques used in SMM. Here are some tips to get started:

Get the tone right

Although many social networking sites have a very casual tone, it’s important when setting up your profile to keep your approach professional, but personal. If you receive comments that are negative, avoid getting into a battle and always ensure that your professional profile is very clearly separated from your personal one.

Be a good conversationalist

Keeping up with talk is critical with social media marketing. If you get feedback from your customers, you have the opportunity to start talking to them, encouraging positive interaction. This vital communication can provide highly valuable information about your market and the unique customer perspective. By taking heed of this feedback, you can better develop your services or products to serve them. The development of a keen interest in your customer needs and requirements will feed into your business improving performance.

Get your employees involved

You can improve social media marketing by asking your staff to add blogs to the business website. This is a great way of giving your customers a feeling for the company culture and values. By gaining a personal insight into the employees and normal operations of the business, customers start to build a relationship with your company. They start to feel like they know you. It raises credibility, with customers feeling that they are gaining exclusive insider information.

Get back to them quickly

Keep in contact with your customers and when they interact with you always try to respond. Where appropriate, you can add comments to their Facebook status or blogs. Don’t get involved with personal discussions however and only interact where they are commenting on a topic that is relevant to your business, market or products.

Keep it snappy

When writing social media content, keep your posts as short as possible. In doing so, your message is more likely to stick in the mind of your target audience. Using an appropriate image can also help to enforce the message and hold the idea in the customer’s mind for longer.

Using Twitter

Twitter can be a great social media marketing tool and offers value when looking for ways to promote the business. If used well, it can engage a huge volume of people and encourage them to read press releases and new updates about your business. Inform yourself about the use of keywords, hashtags and other Twitter related tools.

Increasing your followers

You can engage with larger numbers of people when inviting them to make use of discounts, exclusive deals and coupons. It’s highly likely that you’ll attract greater sales when your customers feel that they have joined an exclusive group with access to great offers.

Using social media marketing well can really boost the promotion and ramp up the visibility of your business. At, we offer expertise in all aspects of SMM and can get your social media campaigns off to a flying start.

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