Dependable Smoke Alarms For Complete Confidence

There are a plethora of different smoke alarms on the market, all of which fulfill different purposes and are best deployed in specific circumstances. For those people who are operating small commercial spaces like single room offices or small retail units, a battery operated smoke alarm might be adequate. However, for those who are running larger areas like an office building or a warehouse, different fire protection equipment will be necessary.

What must always be considered is the life of the battery. Many companies now offer 10 year batteries that do not require charging thus introducing long lasting peace of mind and confidence in the smoke detection system. Many different designs of ten year alarm exist, so it is worthwhile investigating the options available.

Of course, identifying the type of smoke alarm that is best for a particular type of commercial or industrial application is done when creating a business’ fire risk assessment, and the conclusion may well be that several different types of fire safety device are required for specific zones and requirements. However, most businesses will require fire alarm systems with central panle or as a minimum, mains powered, interlinked smoke alarms.

It is also important to pick the correct sensor type. For instance, a reception area might need optical smoke alarms and perhaps cigarette smoke alarms. Optical fire protection equipment is great for visibly smouldering fires, whereas cigarette alarms can enforce a no smoking policy. For office fire safety, ionisation smoke alarms can quickly detect paper fires that have arisen very rapidly.

For restaurants and kitchens, heat alarms can perform when smoke detector alarms are not applicable because of a regularly smoky atmosphere.

Where mains powered alarms are acceptable, radio interlinked alarms are the best option. If one smoke alarm detects a fire, then all of the alarms will sound.

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