Deploying Fire Doors Effectively

Fire doors are an essential part of fire safety equipment, and it is important to the overall safety of a facility that their operation and deployment is always adhering to guidelines. Fire doors have been specifically designed to deal with intense heat that might occur from within a specific area, with the expectation that the fire will be contained if the fire door is shut. However, these doors can only withstand the heat for the period they are rated for. What this means for the door and all parts relating to it, is that it is able to withstand intense heat for a maximum of 30 (FD30), 60 or even 120 minutes. These doors must be installed by a professional so as to ensure that their effectiveness is not compromised.

When the fire door is in operation, it should always be kept closed. This ensures that if a fire does start, that this piece of fire protection equipment does its job. Propping such a door open will render it useless. If a fire door is being installed for the first time, it must be bought with the approved frame and any gaps between the door and floor or frame must be filled with intumescent seals. These seals, as well as all of the hardware, should be routinely checked to ensure their ongoing effectiveness.

Fire door reatiners might be required to hold a fire door safely open to allow passing foot traffic. These retainers will then release the door in case of a fire and allow the door closers to shut the door fully.

While the primary purpose of fire protection equipment like this is to contain a fire, it must also pass disability access regulations. Finding a fire door with DDA regulations will be necessary. The door can be customised, so long as its performance is not impaired and fire door vison panels can be added.

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