How to Choose Between Electric and Gas Fires

Choosing between gas and electric fires can be a difficult choice as, both seem to offer very similar benefits. The thing that puts many off choosing either is the fact that they believe that they will simply look tacky compared to a real fire. However, this is not at all the case anymore and modern fireplaces, whether electric or gas, are likely to look as real as any wood burning stove you could find.

Both options can be controlled very easily and help people to reduce their heating bills. Not only will they help make a room feel more comfortable, but they will also often help improve the look of any room.

However, there are a few differences between the two. Firstly, it is easy to buy fans for the latter than can help transfer heat throughout the room. Also, electric fires are perfect for those without a chimney who may not have been able to utilise any other type of fire.

Whilst gas options may be more suitable for those with chimneys and electric ones for those without, there may be other things to take into consideration too. Whilst both may look very attractive and be as close to a real fire as possible, the amount you actually pay for your gas and electric may tip you one way or the other.

In some areas gas is cheaper than in other areas and the same goes for electricity. You may also be on an electric meter, for instance, and find that not only do you pay more than you should for electricity, but also that adding more electric items to your home will lead you to have to head out far more often to top up.

So there are many things to consider when buying fireplaces, from where the item is located to how much heat you want it to create. However, what is certain is that everyone should be able to find their perfect fire at a low price.

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