Electrical testing needn’t be difficult when our assistance is selected

Working within what “The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989” states could be difficult especially if you have just formed your company and want to demonstrate straight away that you are serious about keeping your business premises as safe as possible. There is no need to look for assistance elsewhere because our support with carrying out electrical testing has a proven track record in doing exactly this.

There are actually multiple different types of electrical testing which we’re able to carry out on behalf of a company. A prime example of such includes our Portable Appliance Testing. Otherwise known as PAT Testing, we continue to carry out over one million of them every year. During Portable Appliance Testing, there are numerous duties which are completed by our highly skilled professionals. This includes visually inspecting every appliance, plug and lead for any damage which needs to be repaired as well as tightening every terminal and clamp. We will also label each item which is in conjunction with the asset register and produce a typed asset or equipment register. Under this register, such information which is logged includes the unique ID number, the date of when it was tested and whether it passed or failed. Furthermore, our professionals will record and report all failed items to the Duty Holder as well as making safe any damaged appliances.

When you ask us to carry out this incredibly useful form of electrical testing, we guarantee that the prices which are charged will always be cost-effective. In fact, we always aim to beat any bona fide competitor’s quote. We understand that the budgets of many of our customers might not be as substantial as they once were and that saving as much money as possible is very important. This is why we try our utmost to make sure that our assistance is as affordable as can be.

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