If electrical testing and inspection is needed, look no further

When you wish to comply with “The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989”, this can be difficult especially if you do not know who to ask for assistance from. Courtesy of the expert support which we’ve provided to multiple businesses, there is no need to look any further when you require a respectable company to carry out electrical testing and inspection on your behalf.

There are multiple different types of electrical testing and inspection which our highly skilled professionals are able to complete with a prime example of such being Fixed Wire Testing. It is recommended that Fixed Wire Testing is carried out in all areas of a building as it will determine about whether or not that an electrical installation is completely safe to use. Under this beneficial form of electrical testing and inspection, our professionals will complete a substantial number of tasks. Examples of such include visually inspecting all circuits along with control gear and protective devices, identifying any exposed live parts, recognising any insulation breakdown and poor earthing as well as composing a full list of typed defects. During Fixed Wire Testing, our professionals will recommend what they believe the next steps are for remedial action. They’ll also supply a free quote to complete the aforementioned remedial work. Even if your budget is not as substantial as it once was and you cannot pay for Fixed Wire Testing straight away, we are able to put in place a payment plan which can be over five years. Thanks to this, you can budget more effectively rather than paying off the full sum at once.

If you would like to acquire additional information about why our electrical testing and inspection is able to meet the demands and requirements of those who select us, contact our highly experienced team sooner rather than later.

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