Knowing the Right Time to Sell Your Car

When you sell your car can make a huge difference to how much you get for it. From the time of year right through to exactly how many miles are on the clock or how old the vehicle is, there is often not a gradual linear change to how much a car is worth, but instead major milestones at which the car value is likely to change dramatically.

Whilst certain things are obvious (for example if it has a valid MOT and tax, you are likely to get a considerable amount more for it than if it is out of MOT), other aspects that will change the car value might not be so instantly patent.

Every single sellable item will have a certain season when it is at its most popular and valuable. For cars, this may change somewhat depending on the car you have. For example, a four wheel drive SUV is likely to be far more appealing as autumn starts to morph into winter, whilst a convertible will get a great deal more attention come spring. For those cars which have the same appeal all year round, winter and summer may both offer optimum selling conditions due to people being fed up with using public transport in polarised weather conditions. However, where possible, the start of summer is likely to see you get the very best interest.

Try to always sell before your mileage reaches a major milestone. The huge difference between a gauge reading 95,000 and reading 100,000 miles could lose you a significant amount of money.

One of the easiest ways to know when to sell your car is to use a car price guide. By looking at a car price guide to see how much your car is currently worth and how much it will be worth and different ages and with different mileages, it should be easy to see when will be the very best time to sell up.

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