How Important is Location to Car Price?

The price of any commodity will be different in different places and cars are no different. However, there is a lot more that affects car prices than will affect other commodities and not only will different areas see people expecting to pay more for items, but other areas may also have a much greater market for second hand cars, diluting your chances and seeing you have to lower the price of your car to actually get interest.

This means that, when it is time to sell, it is worth looking at the places where car prices are the highest and trying to sell your car in that area. Whilst this may seem easier said than done, finding an area with higher car retail prices where you have friends or family who could sell the car for you should not be too hard.

For example, Leeds is one of the worst places in the country to try to sell a second hand car. Year on year, second hand car prices have dropped by nearly 50% here, whilst in many other places the drop can be negligible.

Using a car value guide can help. These are likely to be able to tell you how much your car is worth and how much cars are selling for in different areas. Therefore, by simply heading online, you could find the perfect area for you to sell your car and it may simply be a case that you need to advertise online and travel to meet prospective buyers. In some cases, this can still make sellers a huge amount of extra profit.

Location is very important to price and a car value guide may be able to help you understand which areas are the best for your car to be sold in at the exact time that you wish to sell it. In turn you can either choose to wait to sell, or look to a new area to get far more for your motor.

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