Support from an Oracle partner – can make all the difference

Oracle, a global IT software and systems company, does not perhaps grab the headlines in the same way as Microsoft and Apple. But this is simply because Oracle does target the consumer market in the same ways as its high-tech rivals.

However, Oracle, has, in the past three and a half decades made a massive difference to the world of enterprise computing. The lay person may find it hard to grasp exactly what Oracle specialises in, but this is only because a lot of Oracle functionality works behind the scenes, “under the bonnet” of thousands of applications, on which the public rely.

At airports for instance there’s a high likelihood that Oracle systems will be helping to facilitate processes for security, gate equipment and vehicle control: all the operational details that ensure passengers ultimately have a smooth travel experience.

Oracle is there, unobtrusively providing vital services, at the middleware and infrastructure levels. Given Oracle’s reputation and track record, it is little wonder that major companies around the world are using Oracle software and hardware in some shape or form to power their business systems.

However, managing the transitioning to Oracle systems, whilst it can yield terrific results in the long-term, is not necessarily a straightforward process.
Here at Quantix, an Oracle Platinum Partner, with years of experience in successfully installing and supporting Oracle, we can help you at every stage of your journey, as your Oracle Partner. From the tricky business of integration, involving decisions about what legacy systems to combine with Oracle, and what to replace with Oracle, to installation, and on-going support, we provide, effective, and flexible consultancy.

Our clients are continually impressed at our remarkable flexibility, our ability to come in to a company and advise tactfully and with real authority on exactly the best steps for your business regarding a productive future with Oracle.

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