Peace of mind and reliability from managed application services

For many companies and enterprises it can often seem there is no alternative to an in-house IT team. Commonly such a team will manage the complete IT lifecycle of the company from procurement, to installation, to support and finally to managed decommissioning of systems past their sell-by date.

There are indeed some obvious advantages to an in-house team meeting all your technology requirements. There’s a sense of control from being able to have a team on tap, and one which reports to the in-house management. Also, when anything does go significantly wrong it’s comforting to think that a helping hand could be, literally, down the same corridor.

However, the world of IT has moved on significantly, and new technologies have made quite possible to gain that feeling of security from either a fully or a partially outsourced service. It is these days not nearly so essential for the components of a robust IT system to be physically on the same premises as the company using these components. For instance, staff could make perfectly satisfactory use of a managed application hosted externally, and which they connect to over a secure internet connection. Likewise, support teams are now able to log in to clients’ computers via remote access from other premises, and fix problems as if they were standing at the desk of the person they are helping.

Here at Quantix, a respected, experienced application support provider, we make the most of these technologies by offering outsourced solutions to clients. For instance we can provide managed application services, such as a cloud-hosted implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite. Our clients are not required to install this system on their own hardware, but merely connect to our efficient software modules on a cost-saving on-demand basis.

Along with our excellent 24/7 expert technical support, you will also see your IT Total Cost Ownership reduced significantly.

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