How an Oracle Partner can benefit your business

Large-scale enterprises underpinned by multiple processes require top-notch software to stay ahead of the competition. The standard software packages, such as Microsoft Office, whilst providing excellent features, are simply not designed for getting on top of complex business transactions and arrangements.

Enterprises have to handle aspects of a business such as: Warehouse logistics, fleet management, procurement, business finances (often on an international scale), stock control, payroll, people management and organisation, and location management. At the same time, public and private sector need software to manage our infrastructure, including of transportation systems, banking, and health systems.

The software which helps make all these systems and processes work effectively might not be too well known, but is of mission-critical importance. One name that has been central to enterprise software for over three decades is Oracle. First and foremost, Oracle is known as a powerful relational database system, capable of handling vast volumes of data with remarkable speed and efficiency.

However, whilst Oracle software may rely on databases fundamentally, it has also branched out in to software modules which match specific business needs: Such as fleet management. One soft drinks company, based in the Middle East, managed to improve its delivery service massively by substituting hand-written logs and reports with Oracle Software which targets fleet scheduling

However, Oracle software can be complicated in its own right, and companies often benefit from employing a specialist. Here at Quantix, as an application managed services provider, we specialise in implementing Oracle installations to our clients’ custom specifications. Our Oracle Partner status means, amongst other things, that Oracle trusts us implicitly to manage their applications as if they were our own.

We find that the clients we support are increasingly liberated to focus on their key priorities, whilst the IT side of things begins to take care of itself at last.

This is partly due to our expert 24/7 support service, which will ensure that your Oracle installation is running at its very best.

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