Application managed services to make your business life simpler

The quality and reliability of an IT setup can be a “make or break” factor for the modern enterprise. So many facets of business life rely upon IT software or hardware that it would be close to impossible for a business, these days, to survive without them. Even some phone services now, through VOIP (Voice Over IP) use the internet, so the old notion that, “if the internet goes down at least we can pick up the phone”, doesn’t always hold.

Moreover, high-powered businesses and organisations, such as banks, supermarkets, hospitals, airlines, and train services, make use of specialist enterprise applications to operate smoothly on a daily basis. For instance, when you go online to make use of the UK railways timetable, you will essentially be making use of a powerful enterprise application, which has the added sophistication of frequent real-time updates.

Some companies commonly rely on in-house IT systems to manage and support these complex applications, and this is perfectly understandable. After all, there is nothing like a tried and trusted set of colleagues which you have maybe known for years, to give a feeling of reassurance that things are running smoothly.

However, it is also the case that outsourced application managed services can be both more efficient and considerably reduce total cost of ownership: i.e. they can be more economic. Here at Quantix we provide a flexible combination of application managed services. Sometimes we work in partnership with in-house IT teams, and sometimes we may take on the whole system, including hosting.

Whatever the nature of our partnership with clients, we can remove for you many of the headaches that come with running complex systems. We will field support calls, we will keep your software running whatever the weather, and we will be available on a super-reliable 24/7 basis.

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