Application managed services – an alternative to in-house software packages

Companies of all shapes and sizes have relied on computer software and hardware for nigh-on forty years. It could, however, be argued, that now more than ever before, during this period of international economic uncertainty, businesses need their IT systems to be reliable and robust. After all, if, say the software which manages your customer orders malfunctions in some way, at a crucial time of the year, then in the current climate this might put your whole business in jeopardy.

Faced with such risks, in this period of intense business competition, business leaders, for understandable reasons often prefer to batten down the hatches and rely on their in-house IT team for all their support. After all, the staff are close by when you need them, maybe only down a corridor, and are familiar with company culture.

However, there is another way of managing your IT support for crucial applications, and many companies are already seeing the benefits of it. This alternative setup is known as application managed services.

Under an application managed services arrangement, Instead of relying on personnel, software and hardware based in-house, a company outsources the whole system to an expert provider.

Here at Quantix, an award-winning application support company, founded in 2002, we provide high-pedigree application managed services.

Your company will benefit from cost-savings (e.g. no hardware leasing costs for application server costs, reduced staff overheads), the specialist knowledge of our team, and switched-on, resolution-driven 24/7 support.

For example, we provide a highly responsive, proactive cloud hosting service for Oracle E-Business Suite. Apart from saving you the costs of installing this package internally, you will only pay for the modules you use, connecting to our servers remotely over the internet. This “on-demand” method of software delivery is economical in all senses and brings considerable peace of mind to our customers.

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