The benefits of flexible enterprise application support

Large companies and organisations (be they public or private) continually come up against a common problem – how to manage the continuous to’ing and fro’ing of information, transactions, and physical objects that make up their daily business. Inevitably, in this digital age, there is a major reliance on specialist applications.

Global software companies, such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM, are more than aware of a hunger amongst large corporations for reliable applications. Companies need to be able to handle complex workflows and processes which include order tracking, accountancy, warehouse and fleet management, HR processes, procurement, risk management, compliance and auditing.

The software supplied by the enterprise application specialists is often very good for the job, partly because it has to be. With databases serving millions of simultaneous accesses per minute, and a constant demand, internally and externally, for real-time updates, enterprise software needs to attain the highest possible standards.

However, whatever the quality of the enterprise applications provided by global software companies such as Oracle, these packages still require installation, configuration, customisation and continuous support.

Here at Quantix, one of the UK’s foremost and respected enterprise application support specialists, we can provide your business with exactly the kind of efficient service you are looking for.

One of the qualities that makes us such a distinctive application support provider is our flexibility. We will do our best to assist with your enterprise IT needs on your terms, always willing to be pragmatic where necessary. For example we can offer a pure consultancy service, whereby we visit your premises and provide expert advice on any issues you may be having with enterprise applications. Alternatively, we can offer one of our increasingly popular outsourced services, where we will migrate your application to our cloud-based delivery service, thereby eliminating all the stresses and strains of running complex software on-site.

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