Although the heart of a wedding is the love between two parties, the wedding ceremony itself can be a logistical (as well as financial) nightmare, and therefore in order to ensure that the happiness of the happy couple isn’t undermined, it is important that all aspects of a wedding combine to make a truly special day.

Of course, no wedding is the same, and nor should they be, and it is the onus of the day to make some special memories, that will flavour the future of the marriage. With this in mind, whilst there is much to be said for maintaining the traditions of a marriage, only will your marriage day glisten, if you are prepared to “think outside of the box.”

However, there are arguably certain things that no marriage or civil ceremony should be without, and this should include the vows and the exchanging of rings. There should also be a coming together of both families, as well as an endeavour to make the day as fun as possible.

Beyond this, you can stray as close or as far from tradition as you want, and it might be a good idea to enjoy the traditional format of a marriage, tempered with your own personal tastes, which will ensure that your special day reflects the personality of your and your beloved, but still retains the feeling of a marriage.

With this in mind, careful consideration should be given to all aspects of the marriage day, and each aspect should be taken  individually when planning a wedding.

For instance, one of the most pertinent decisions will be choosing the best function venues to suit your need. Of course, practical considerations will impinge on this decision, and it is important the venues for hire meet your requirements in regards to number of guests etc.

Beyond the practical, you should also choose a venue that reflects the kind of wedding that you want to have. So, if you go down the traditional route, then you might not want to get married anywhere other than a church.

If you are a little more adventurous, you might consider an idiosyncratic venue in which to get married. Nowadays, there are loads of venues for higher, that offer this unique touch, and essentially, your choice of venue will only limited by your imagination (as well, of course, by your budget.)

Whilst the final decision in regards to your perfect venue, will of course be a deeply personal one, you might consider some of the following:

Getting hitched in a glamorous hotel can give your marriage the atmosphere of a church wedding without any of the religious connotations, and therefore they are prefect for couples who want a secular or humanist ceremony.

For a more unique occasion you could also consider outdoor locations, and even locations in some of the most famous and prestigious establishments in the UK, from racecourses to even film studios!