Ensure safe distribution with the right packaging materials

If you�re in the business of transporting dangerous goods, having the right packaging materials is key. It�s the only way to ensure safe distribution and failing to take the necessary precautions not only means you�ll be in breach of transport regulations but also means you�ll be putting other people (as well as the environment) at risk, and it�s essential to reduce that risk as much as possible if you want to operate safely and legally.

The most important thing you can do is make sure you�re getting the right packaging materials to suit the goods you�re carrying as well as the transport method you�re using, but one product that should always be invested in is vermiculite. This type of material is perfectly suited to the transportation of dangerous goods thanks to its unique combination of properties�it�s lightweight, non-combustible, inert, compressible and highly absorbent, making it ideal in a whole range of packaging situations. Because it�s non-reactive it�s even required when you�re transporting fragile, flammable or corrosive materials, keeping the risk of damage or incident to a minimum.

But, the only way you can really be confident in ensuring safe distribution is if you can find the right supplier to accommodate your packaging requirements, and that�s why Air Sea Containers Ltd should always be considered. They specialise in providing dangerous goods packaging with everything they offer being fully compliant with the necessary transport regulations, keeping you operating safely and legally at all times, and vermiculite is one of their key products. It�s a vital component and should always be invested in for anyone in the industry of transporting dangerous goods, so if you�re looking for vermiculite or any other kind of dangerous goods packaging make sure to get in touch with Air Sea Containers Ltd and you can ensure safe distribution for the peace of mind you need.

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