Fire Blankets Are Perfect For Small Fires

Adequate fire protection often hinges on knowing what to do in a given circumstance. It may well be that a fire is small but spreading, representing a growing threat. A fire blanket can be a very effective piece of fire protection equipment and a great way of dealing with a relatively small or incipient fire. Keeping fire blankets in areas where a small fire is likely to arise will be common sense. For instance, in a kitchen or even a laboratory, a fire blanket can quickly dampen any growing fire.

A fire blanket works by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the fire, depriving it of one of the vital elements of the fire triangle. This means it can very effectively cover a pan that is in flames or even be wrapped around person. A good fire blanket can put out a fire in a matter of seconds, but as ever, quick and intelligent thinking will be the best strategy. A fire that has grown too large may present more of a danger to the person trying to approach it and extinguish it. Different sized fire blankets are available but they typically don’t come much bigger than 1.2 metres square.

When buying fire protection equipment like a fire blanket it is always important to ensure that it is certified by the proper authorities. A fire protection blanket carrying the British Standard Kitemark will have been independently tested by the BSI and should be trustworthy. Different certifications show what the blanket is typically capable of extinguishing; for instance, the BS EN 1869:1997 is primarily for cooking oil fires. Having them in a protective cover or case can keep them from sustaining any damage while they are not in use.

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