What are laminar flow cabinets?

A lot of industries require sterile environments if they�re going to operate effectively, with pharmaceutical companies, medical establishments and electronics companies all relying on air solutions to protect the operators as well as the products. One piece of equipment that�s vital in many of these settings will be a laminar flow cabinet, but just what are these cabinets and why are they so important?

Well, laminar air flows allow you to create a working environment that�s highly sterile and completely free from any contaminants, allowing operators to carry out specialist work without any risk to themselves or the sample they�re working with. Cabinets of this nature work by projecting air through a HEPA filtration system before passing it across the work surface in a laminar air stream (where the air flows with uniform velocity), providing a particle-free and completely sterile working environment.

The specific design of these cabinets makes them even more suitable for such specialised work�they can be manufactured according to the individual requirements of the company for a bespoke solution that can accommodate any working environment necessary, and because the cabinets are enclosed on the sides they maintain constant positive air pressure that prevents contaminated room air from entering. As well as all that they�re made out of stainless steel with no gaps or joints whatsoever, preventing bacteria build-up for a highly effective air solution.

Many pharmacies, electronics companies and medical/research laboratories rely on laminar flow cabinets to provide the sterility they need�the precision filtration process offers a completely pure air environment making it suitable for a variety of applications, particularly for smaller jobs where accuracy and precision is key. If you�re looking for laminar air flow solutions, make sure to head to Contained Air Solutions Ltd, because being leaders in the field they�ll be able to create the laminar system that meets your every requirement.

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