Motor trade insurance is an insurance policy that is designed for people that make their living within the motor trade. Most commonly used by garages and car showrooms, cheap motor trade insurance can also protect mechanics and other professionals. Whether you operate a large business or are a part time mechanic that works in his free time fixing a handful of cars a cheap motor trade insurance policy can protect against a wide variety of possible, financial outlays.


Road risk motor trade insurance protects against injury or damage which is caused by a car that is owned by the holder or any vehicle connected to their trade. There are usually the same three levels of cover available that can be taken out with a standard motor insurance policy so you can choose between third party only, which is the most basic, third party fir and theft, or comprehensive cover.


Liability insurance should be considered a vital financial product for any company that routinely deals with the public on a daily basis in the pursuit of their business. There are numerous forms of liability insurance that may be taken out for a company that operates within the motor trade industry, but the most important should be public liability. Product, sales, and service liability also offers Defective Workmanship cover while any business that has its own employees is legally required to have employers liability in all but a few special cases.


You can typically purchase these policies separately or you can buy them as a single policy. Buying a single policy offers a beneficial way of accessing cheap motor trade insurance that covers you for all of the necessary requirements but offers reduced prices because of the fact that you combine the two policies.


There are many insurance policies that are relevant to those that operate within the motor trade and the ones that you should consider beneficial or essential will depend on the type of company or service that you operate. Cheap motor trade insurance should be considered vital but you can also consider other policies like buildings and contents insurance and additional forms of liability insurance.


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