What is Whiplash, and Why Should You Claim?

Most people have heard of whiplash, but may be unsure what it is. Whiplash occurs after the body is jerked with sudden force, which causes soft tissue in the spine to stretch and strain; headaches and stiffness are typical symptoms, though the severity of these can vary from one case to the next.

People tend to receive this injury as a result of a car accident, typically from a rear-impact, with the occupant of the vehicle struck from behind usually at the most risk of injury. Whiplash has accrued something of an infamous reputation due to the excessive number of claims filed even after the smallest of collisions, but whiplash can be a serious impediment while it lasts, causing great upheaval in the injured party’s life.

Pursuing a whiplash compensation claim helps many people to cover loss of earnings or other inconveniences whilst rendered temporarily incapable of performing normal day-to-day tasks. If someone is involved in a car accident and is diagnosed with whiplash, there are professional accident claim solicitors out there who can help make a case. There is no reason why the injured party should put up with the injury if they are not at fault, and trained solicitors are now better-prepared to handle whiplash claims than ever before.

It is best to get as much information and advice from your solicitor as possible before pressing on with the case to know where you stand, and to understand how much you are likely to be compensated. As with many claims, such as work accident claims, whilst no amount of money can make up for what has happened, it can enable you to feel that some justice has been done, and that the law has acknowledged you were not at fault.

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