Is Super Duplex Really Worth Any Extra Money?

The difference between duplex stainless steels and super duplex stainless steel is mostly seen in terms of the resistance of the material. Whilst the material will cost very little more than the slightly less ‘super’ kind, for larger companies with many fittings to buy, it is worth knowing whether the benefits are worth any extra cost or not.

Super duplex is extremely high strength and extremely resistant to pitting, stress and corrosion. It is very easy to work with and very easy to weld, making it not only a very safe option, but also one that will make life easier for many businesses who need to make sure they get the perfect fit.

This means that almost any business that sees extreme pressure or heat will benefit from choosing super over ordinary or lower grade stainless steel. However, it won’t be beneficial for all industries and those for whom duplex is not particularly suitable (those dealing with extremely low temperatures, for instance) are still not going to benefit from going for the super option.

Ultimately, anyone who benefits from the lower grade can benefit the ‘super’ grade and are likely to find that they are safer as a result, finding that they can use far more pressure and heat without encountering any problems.

Any tubes and pipes used to handle gas and oil, those in the power industry, those pipes which carry chlorides and any cargo tanks or chemical tankers are all going to be far better off utilising the super version of the material.

In short, upgrading is almost certainly worth the money, but only if the lower grade really was the right choice for you in the first place. For those who are unsure, talking to the right pipe fitting company should help you understand just how much you are likely to benefit from upgrading and whether it truly is right for you.

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