Outdoing the Turner Prize Nominees

It may not seem particularly hard to outdo this year’s Turner prize nominations. With painted men throwing large balls up and down and an artistic world populated by turds, it seems as though all you need to do to get shortlisted is to be as whacky and as strange as possible.

This may be true, but one thing it does highlight is that art can be found in some very strange places and that one shouldn’t feel they have to conform to one certain view of what art should be. Instead, it is important to simply create whatever it is that truly interests you. It is a cliché to say that one should create art from the heart, but the best art will be those pieces that truly have been created based on passion and genuine love or interest.

That being said, you can’t build a good bridge out of sticks and cotton wool. Therefore, you will need the right art supplies London if you want to create something of genuine quality. No matter whether you wish to draw, paint or even create an artistic film, you will need the right art materials if you want to attract the right attention and create a piece to the best of your ability.

Inspiration, passion and drive are extremely important, but whether you wish to win the Turner prize or just see genuine interest in your work, without art materials that can do your artistic vision justice, you are likely to find that you fall short of the mark.

Creating art is all about being true to yourself, and not painting/drawing/filming what you expect others to want to see, but instead creating something that you yourself are passionate about. The right vision and the right art supplies London are therefore the best places to start.

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