Why Bee Populations are Dropping

When many people hear that bee numbers are dropping, the instant reaction tends to be one of joy. But since we rely so heavily on these wonderful creatures to keep our planet in its delicate balance, the reality is that such a change is a serious one.

One of the biggest killers of bees is a somewhat paradoxical killer. Farmers and gardeners alike use pesticides to protect their crops and plants which, in many cases, has the effect of killing the very animals that are needed to help pollinate many different plants. Ironically, in many cases, simply keeping bees will help gardeners see far more attractive and interesting blooms, and the whole process of beekeeping will bring many more benefits with it.

Not only is keeping bees extremely rewarding in terms of a general pastime, but it can also offer many other advantages. Take, for example, the honey that these creatures produce. The amount of products that can be produced using honey, not to mention the great benefits of the substance in its natural state, means that not only will gardens be far more attractive and the earth a great deal more stable by people having bees, but many people can see a wonderful extra source of income too.

Of course, pesticides are not the only reason that bee numbers are more depleted than ever. Climate change has had an effect, as has the loss of natural habitat for these insects. More and more land is being swallowed up every year, leaving far fewer places for bees to make a home. Meanwhile, homeowners are far more likely to destroy a bee’s hive than embrace it.

This is even more reason why beekeeping is hugely important. The more people who can offer bees a habitat to thrive in, the more the population can start to flourish again and the safer the whole earth can be.

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