How Important is Office Location?

Office location can affect many things. Not only can it have a big impact on how others view your company, but it can also impact on everything from how competitive your business can be right through to how easy it is for you to recruit new staff.

If you need to meet with customers, having a base to do is extremely important. Likewise, if that office space happens to be your cellar, many may see you as unsuccessful and therefore worry about whether you can deliver. However, for those just starting up, finding offices to rent that are affordable is not always easy and, as such, it can be somewhat of a catch 22 situation.

That being said, there is plenty to be said for keeping the home and office separate and it is far easier to relax in your home if you do not feel like you are constantly at work. On top of this, it can be easy to find office space for very little these days and many serviced office companies will even offer very short leases to ensure that you are can test the water before you plunge in.

In terms of physical location, the right office will also be needed. If you have an office that is in a great location, but that is too expensive, you are likely to find that, whilst you have the right image, you won’t be able to compete financially.

However, there will still be plenty of offices to rent in good areas that you can afford and be sure that you don’t pick an office solely on price. Instead, make sure that you are based in a location that is appealing to your employees as constantly having to hire and train staff is likely to be more costly than a little extra a month spent on rent.

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