How to locate the best estate agent to sell your property

Selling a house is never the most straight forward of tasks, with estate agents to deal with, solicitors to worry about and all the other stresses and strains that are involved. However, all too often sellers can stumble right from the get go, by selecting the wrong agent to work with, which only serves to make things ever harder.

There is no reason why selling a property should be as arduous as it so often is, and the difference that professional, local estate agents can make to proceedings is surprising. Able to provide quality valuations, set an accurate asking price, conduct viewings and negotiate on your behalf are all things they should be doing as a matter of course.

Selecting the best estate agents in the area to work with though is no cake walk, particularly for a first time seller. It can seem natural to go with the agent that sold you the property, as you know a little bit about them. This can work in some cases, but should never be relied upon.

Instead, it is far more prudent to research the agents, understand who they sell for, who they sell to, and what makes them different from all the rest. And this can only be achieved through completing a good level of research.

Asking friends, family and neighbours in the local area can help with this, whilst looking at forums online works extremely well. At, we take things a little bit further though, requesting that sellers, and landlords, leave honest evaluations having gone through the process with an agent.

We believe that working this way is good for everyone -the agent, the customer and the property selling process as a whole. After all, you can only make the right decision when fully armed with the facts, whether booking a holiday or selling a house.

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