The increasingly popularity of estate agent reviews

You can read somebody else’s opinion about anything on the internet today – be it the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a supermarket, or a car. Some reviews are better than others of course, though one area which is growing in popularity and usefulness are those sites offering estate agent reviews.

It is not really hard to understand why these sites, such as ours at, are becoming visited more and more often. There are a great many aspects involved when selling a property, and falling down on one of them can create a host of issues. Possibly the worst mistake is choosing the wrong agent.

We cannot all know what makes a good agent and what makes a bad agent simply by looking at their websites and taking a stroll down the road to visit their shop. But reading what others are saying about them, and meeting them face to face to have a proper chat can give a very good impression as to what they are like.

This face to face meeting is an essential part of the process though – a judgement should not just be made on what is said in estate agent reviews by third parties. Gut instinct and the way questions are answered is a very important part of the decisions making process after all. However, as a supplement to the process, they are proving extremely effective for people.

When reading them it is important to understand that people may be wont to leave criticism far easier than praise, though we try to make sure that everything is balanced. A forum for people to thank the best estate agents for a job well done, and ensure they continue to prosper, we are concerned with making the whole property selling process the best it can be – for the agents and, of course, for the customer – the seller.

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