Is your estate agent really working for you?

If a property has failed to sell or attract viewings for a long period of time, it is only reasonable and right that the quality of the job being received from the estate agent be questioned. To be fair though, it should never come to that, as the best estate agents will always keep in regular contact with their vendors, providing regular updates and being able to discuss if any action needs to be taken.

If this is not the case though, rather than sit back in the property fuming and getting more and more frustrated, it is essential that contact be made directly. Whilst it is perfectly okay to discuss things over the phone or by email, having a face to face meeting is often the best course of action.

The questions that a vendor puts to their agent is of course entirely up to them and relevant to their own property. However, asking them about the marketing strategies they use, the state of the local market, how other properties are faring and for their opinion as to why viewers are failing to be attracted.

Though not meant to be a confrontational situation, having somebody with you that is assertive can often help. Depending on the answers received, you may decide that it will be best to start working with another UK estate agent. Using a nationwide chain may be better or selecting a local firm could produce better results.

Whether selecting an agent for the first time or taking a look at another firm to work with having been disappointed previously, the estate agent reviews at can help. Independently left by previous sellers, they give honest opinions which can prove extremely helpful when selecting firms in the area to work with, particularly for those where there is no other form of recommendation.

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