The importance of research for buy to let

With such a vibrant rental market throughout the UK, it is little wonder many people are still looking to buy to let as a viable income generator. However, as with anything, it is important to take care of the basics and nowhere more is this so vital than in research.

Research comes in many forms though, with one of the most important being research into the area where the property is. Though this can mean looking at expensive and cheap places, it is not only about this and often, where somebody considering letting a property lives themselves is a good place to start.

One of the best ways to research areas is to talk with local estate agents. Working in the sector on the ground provides them with an invaluable knowledge which any landlord should tap into. Most will also offer their advice for free, and advise which markets are best to target.

Indeed, completing adequate research into the market being targeted is essential, to ensure the property and the way it is decorated and facilitated delivers. Researching the wider market is important too. For example, in areas where buying is clearly prevalent, renting out a property may not be the best choice. Once again though, the best estate agents with letting experience can help.

Another factor that is fundamental to being successful in the lettings market is to make sure the sums work. Deposits required on new properties are higher for example, though working with an existing property negates this charge. Insurance costs also need to be considered, whilst setting up a contingency fund is sensible.

To get the best help when taking a property to the rental market, working with a good and respected estate agent with lettings experience is key. At, we help with this, by hosting honest and open estate agent reviews from landlords in your area.

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