The Dangers of the Stolen Car Trade

Tens of thousands of stolen vehicles are sold every year to unsuspecting buyers. The illegal car trade is booming, and there are very few winners. Whilst the fraudsters who steal or sell such cars may well make a good amount of money, there are many people who find themselves lost and without a car, and many more who buy a car only to discover that it doesn’t actually belong to them, but instead that it belongs to somebody else or even a finance company. In the latter case, a buyer may have leased the car and then sold it on before disappearing without paying the debt, leaving the new owner in a great deal of debt or without the car they paid honest money for.

The dangers are numerous. Not only might you end up buying a car that ends up not being legally yours, but you may also find that you are being sold a car that is not fit to drive and in turn putting your life on the line every time you get behind the wheel.

Undergoing a car check each and every time you buy a used car is therefore integral. Whilst buying a car from a reputable dealer may well be the safest way to go about the purchase of a car, there is still no guarantee that they have not been duped themselves. It is also often far cheaper to buy through private sales and a car registration check will allow you to do this with confidence.

With the cost of a car check being negligible and with the turnaround time being extremely fast, a car registration check really is a no-brainer and even those buying cars from people they know should undertake such a check as there is no telling how far back such a theft or duplicity has gone.

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