IT support arrangements in Sussex and Kent are changing

IT problems can come thick and fast and that’s a problem for any business in the South East. For a small business a full time support person is an expensive luxury that they simply can’t afford. For larger organisations it’s not the best investment or more sensible use of scarce resources as there’s no guarantee that an individual or a department will be fully occupied. However, they need to have some sort of support agreement in place. If systems go down they need access to skilled engineers who can bring things back online again.

Sussex and Kent are home to a whole host of different businesses and organisations that require help with their IT systems. IT support Sussex is increasingly organised on an outsourced basis. Instead of retaining the overhead of in house staff who can be difficult to find and recruit anyway, firms sign up for a contract arrangement that takes care of their needs. IT support Sussex increasingly means accessing dedicated support lines in times of crisis as and when required. It’s a more efficient and effective way to provide this service.

The same is true just over the county border. IT support Kent is changing for much the same reasons. More and more of the entire function is being moved off site. There’s less and less in the way of in house systems which means less need for internal support in the first place. With third party servers and IT support Kent typically outsourced, all kinds of different businesses are benefiting from a more efficient and flexible arrangement and model.

Any size business can benefit. Outsourcing levels the playing field and makes even the smallest of company more able to compete with larger competitors. IT is changing and it’s time to review current support arrangements to assess whether they make sense in these changing times.

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