Access for All in Smaller Buildings

Complying with all the current laws governing access to buildings and discrimination against those with disabilities is not always easy if you have a smaller building. For instance, where there is a small flight of steps leading up to a door, you are unlikely to be able to remove the steps in favour of a lift, lest you risk putting too much focus on those with a disability, and overlook the needs of those without.

This can lead to many problems and not only might a disability lift take up far too much room in smaller buildings, but it may also simply look totally out of place.

However, no matter whether you have a specific aesthetic you are trying to adhere to or indeed simply find that you do not have the space for both steps and a disability lift, there will be a solution that that can work for everyone.

In such situations, using a Flexstep may well help you to get the best of both worlds. This unique solution allows you to have the steps you need to cater for the majority of customers, but also allow you to turn those steps into a lift at just the touch of a button.

There will be many different versions of this solution available and many companies may also be able to create a bespoke options for you if needs be. This way, whether you need a very wide flight of stairs or a narrow one, you can make sure you have a solution that suits everyone, no matter what the look of your premises or how large a space you have.

Complying with health and safety and access laws is extremely important to ensure that you are not discriminating against those with disabilities. However, it is also important to make sure that doing so does not affect your trade or how your premises look, and therefore a Flexstep could be the perfect solution for many different people.

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