Retailers may look to mystery shopping as conditions improve

Figures released by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) suggest that trading conditions in the retail sector may be improving. To help boost their levels of success further, many companies may utilise mystery shopping companies to assess the way they come across to their customers. These days, there are many ways of conducting such research, including video mystery shopping.

In its latest Distributive Trades Survey, which was conducted during the first two weeks of May, the CBI revealed that retail sales rose strongly during the period compared to a year ago.

More than two-fifths (43 per cent) of respondents reported an increase in sales, while only 23 per cent recorded a fall. This resulted in a positive balance of 21 per cent, which was slightly higher than the anticipated figure of 19 per cent.

These days, the market is highly competitive and it may only be by boosting their levels of customer service that some organisations are able to achieve the results they are seeking. This is where mystery shopping companies, including those that provide video mystery shopping services, come in useful.

Meanwhile, commenting on the CBI’s findings, the organisation’s Judith McKenna said: “It’s encouraging to see high-street sales up compared to a year ago, and that business sentiment about the next three months has improved.”

However, she added:”Weak consumer confidence means that the retail sector is likely to remain under pressure in the short term”.

Indeed, sales volumes in the motor trade fell by 22 per cent compared with a year ago. This was considerably below expectations. Meanwhile, the sector anticipated a continued deterioration in the business situation for the next quarter.

During periods of economic difficulty like this, it is often necessary for bosses to think outside the box and implement new measures to help provide their companies with a boost.

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