Prefabricated buildings to feature in smart cities

Prefabricated buildings serve a range of purposes and appear in many different environments, including building sites, schools, residential areas and so on. According to an article on Techworld, creations of this kind will also appear in new so-called ‘smart cities’.

A group of companies have agreed to work together on technologies that will be used in the construction of these areas. Led by software developer Living PlanIT, the consortium promises to develop applications that will enable communities to live and work together in an efficient and sustainable urban environment.

Recently, the companies involved signed a memorandum of understanding and this was overseen by universities and science minister David Willets.

As part of the project, modular buildings featuring sensors and network components will be used.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Willets said the government is keen to ensure that Britain gets a “good slice” of an expected £6.5 trillion worth of investment in city infrastructure globally over the next ten to 15 years. According to the politician, who has been an MP for Havant since 1992, the development of urban areas like this represents an important commercial opportunity for the UK.

He added: “Britain is the right place to be doing this, as it was the first country to go through that crucial demographic shift to more than half the population living in cities. We have more historic experience of being urbanised than any other country in the world.”

Meanwhile, chief executive of Living PlanIT Steve Lewis remarked: “We are determined to drive a robust set of technologies into the network that applications can read and use to deliver critical new services to individuals and to cities.”

As the project progresses, more details are likely to emerge concerning what exactly the building plans will feature, including any portable buildings that may be used.

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