Employers issued warning over health and safety at work

There are many issues bosses have to bear in mind in order to run their organisations successfully and health and safety is one of them. If they fail to adequately protect their personnel from risks to their wellbeing, they can end up facing serious consequences.

With this in mind, many organisations opt to enlist the services of health and safety consultants to help them conduct risk assessments and so on. There is also special training available and firms can access assistance when it comes to creating health and safety policies and so on.

One area of particular risk concerns working at height. When staff members engage in activities high off the ground, they may be in more acute danger. Recently, the Health and Safety Executive warned businesses to take this matter seriously.

Inspector at the organisation Ian Whittles said: “It is vital that employers provide the right equipment for their staff to do their job safely when working at height.”

He made his comments following the prosecution of a Devon firm over an accident in which a worker fell from the top of a lorry onto a concrete floor while removing the cover of the vehicle’s load at a feed mill.

A subsequent investigation found that his employers had failed to put basic measures in place to ensure the cover could be taken off safely.

As a result of the incident, the man suffered a fractured pelvis and wrist and he spent seven days in hospital. He also had to take 11 weeks off work and he has been told he will only regain 80 per cent use of his wrist. The individual, who was 34 years old when the fall occurred, has also been diagnosed with arthritis.

By taking advantage of the assistance of health and safety consultants to help ensure they complete their risk assessments and so on correctly, bosses can reduce the chances that such accidents will happen among their personnel.

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