Is Your Promotion Being Seen?

The majority of businesses are throwing money away on advertising that is simply not being seen. Whether paying money for adverts in the local press or whether utilising social media sites to promote their business, there are very few ways to know how effective your marketing actually is.

When advertising in local papers, always be sure to give a reference number for customers to quote or a voucher to cut out and use. Many adverts are simply not spotted, being put in the wrong places and in turn being money that is just thrown away. By offering the customers a chance to use your advert as part of a deal, you can see how many vouchers or codes are used and in turn how successful an approach to advertising such a solution is.

One of the easiest ways to make more of your promotion is to think big. The bigger your promotion, the more likely it is to be seen, and going big can also lead to longevity too. Take advertising banners for example. Often, they can be sourced for the same price as one advert, and yet they can be guaranteed to be seen time and time again.

Personalised banners can also be used as pavement advertisements, and companies may find that an A-Board is the perfect way to ensure that no one can miss what you have to say.

Whilst blogging and social networking may help people to see you, it is easy to be lost amongst the thousands of others all trying to do the same thing. Advertising banners ensure that you cannot be missed, and so long as you utilise the right design and location, opting for cheap personalised banners is likely to yield far more return that almost any amount of adverts in your local paper, and all for a one-off payment.

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