What Does No Win No Fee Really Mean?

No Win No Fee is, as it sounds, simply a way for people to get legal representation with far less risk. If their lawyer does not win the case then they are not responsible for his fees, but if they do win, the solicitor may charge slightly more (although this fee can often be recouped from those you are fighting).

However, there are different types of claims, and not all will be the same. Likewise, there are many legal proceedings that cannot be undertaken on a No Win No Fee basis and therefore things can start to get confusing.

It is also wise to remember that whilst you might not have to pay a personal injury lawyer if he is not successful, you may well be responsible for the costs incurred by those you are taking to court. However, there is insurance available for this and in the majority of instances the full cost will be covered by the insurance if you lose, meaning that this should not put you off from battling for any claim you feel you are entitled to make.

Should you win such a claim, your personal injury lawyer will be entitled to his fee, so it is important to know what this fee is likely to be before you agree to let a solicitor take on your case.

It is also worth remembering that there is another type of arrangement that falls under this category, but one that is only allowed when there are no court proceedings involved. These are known as Contingency Fee Arrangements and involve the solicitor taking a percentage of the money awarded rather than a set fee.

Ultimately, if it says that with No Win you pay No Fee, this is exactly what it means. Whilst you may pay a small amount for insurance you can be sure that you will only pay out if you win, and that you should know exactly how much that will be before you sign on the dotted line.

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