How the Law is Changing in No Win No Fee Cases

There have been many changes and even more proposed changes to the laws governing No Win No Fee court cases. There are supporters on both side of the fence, with many people who have been involved in high profile court cases backing the system as the only way for many people to get the justice they deserve. In fact, in many public polls, as many as 95% of people were in support of keeping such an approach to litigation, citing that such arrangements allow far more access to courts for individuals.

In the light of recent legal aid cuts, individuals need such arrangements more than ever to ensure that they can limit their risk when they feel truly entitled to make a compensation claim. Without them, the courts are really only open to those with a sizeable amount of expendable income. And yet, there are issues that arise with such arrangements too.

Certain people have used No Win No Fee arrangements as part of a scam, most prominently in the case of injury claims from motor vehicle accidents. As such, motorists may no longer be able to use such arrangements to make claims for the likes of whiplash. On top of this, teams of medics may well be set up to make sure that real instances can be distinguished from fakes.

With people trying to abuse the system, the government is looking at how to make changes to such compensation claim arrangements. This means that in the future, whilst they may still be around, it may not be as easy to find the best representation without risk. As such, if you have a genuine claim to make, it makes far more sense to make any claim as soon as possible, before the reviews are made and they in turn change the way in which these arrangements can be offered.

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