Step back in time with retro furniture

The Jubilee celebrations have been in full flow, and although the main event is behind us it’s given everyone a hankering for a slice of retro living. Vintage clothes, beauty looks and interior design schemes have been everywhere, and if you want to step back in time then opting for retro furniture would be a great place to start.

The retro look can bring a hint of nostalgia to any home, but if done right it certainly won’t look old-fashioned. You can create a bright, vibrant space with a touch of style that would be hard to replicate by any other means, and if you combine a few key pieces of furniture with a minimalist backdrop you’ll have a home that’s the perfect mix of contemporary and retro style. You’ll be able to create focal points of your items and will certainly have a talking point, and when you step inside your door you’ll be enveloped in retro beauty.

There are plenty of options to take your fancy, but if you want to go for a truly high-end look then make sure to go for designer pieces and iconic styles. An Eames chair or two would be ideal, or what about an iconic Eero Aarnio ball chair? You might not be able to afford the original article but there are plenty of manufacturers that offer designer replicas, and if you fill your home with statement pieces such as these you can’t go wrong.

You’ll want to continue the look throughout your home for true coordination, so if you’ve got an Eames chair in the lounge you’ll want to go for just as high-end products in the dining room, bedroom, office and kitchen, and don’t forget the lighting if you really want to achieve the perfect retro look. It’s the details and accessories that can make all the difference, so make sure you’ve got retro furniture to suit and you’ll have a retro home you can be proud of.

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