Why the Tango is More Popular than Ever

It may seem strange to us now, but tango was actually born out of poverty. This form of dance was most popular with the lower classes as a natural accompaniment to the poetry and music that summed up love, loss and hardship. In many cases, the sexualised movements were performed to mirror the longing many migrants had for loved ones, and as such the higher classes and many religious people shunned it for its blatant sexuality.

However, today, tango is seen as extremely classy, and that longing and hope that is portrayed is what has helped make it so exciting for many people. Whilst people of all classes have embraced it, it is its roots as a pastime for the lower classes that has ensured its enduring popularity and that has made it accessible to anyone.

It is now extremely easy to find tango lessons in London. Whilst certain reality TV dance shows have propelled it even further into the spotlight, it is the history and the culture infused into the Argentine tango London dancers have fallen in love with.

The passion that is involved in the tango has meant that anyone can find a way to connect to this form of dancing. It is not merely a sexual dance, but instead a sensual one, and one filled with all kinds of passion that can attract people of any ethnicity, any background and with any interests.

The Argentine tango in London has never been more popular and is fast becoming a ‘sport’ to rival more mainstream activities. As with many forms of exercise, taking tango lessons in London is likely to get one in shape very quickly, but without one ever feeling like what they are doing is a chore. Instead, it is a way to improve one’s mind, body and soul in equal measures, and to find any passion and heat that may have been missing from your life.

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